Testo Canzone Devil Wouldn't Recognize You

Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
Hard Candy
Testo canzone

It's quiet as it is tonight
You'd almost think you were saved
Your eyes are full of surprises
They cannot predict my fate
Waiting underneath the stars
There's something you should know
The angels they surround my heart
Telling me to let you go

I bet you couldn't
I bet you couldn't recognize but I've been hidin' to it
Who am I to criticize
Somehow I'll get through it and you won't even realize
Falling through your own disguise

It's like over and over you're pushing me
Right down to the floor
I should just walk away.
Over and over I keep on coming back for more
I play into your fantasy
Now that it's over
You can ride on me right through your smile
I've seen behind your eyes
Now it's over, the more intoxicating my mind

Even the devil wouldn't recognize you, I do
Even the devil wouldn't recognize you, I do
Even the devil wouldn't recognize you, I do
Even the devil wouldn't recognize you, I do
I do, I do

You almost proved yourself this time
That all the saints be praised
You hide your sadness behind your smile
And you keep your lost heartbreaks
The steps that are ... on the ledge
Is much higher than it seems
That I've been on that ledge before
You can't hide yourself from me

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